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Vegetation Management

Chem Spray South, Inc. has been providing Vegetation Management for our customers since 1957. We are committed to our customers’ needs and satisfying their requirements. We service the Gulf Coast Region with offices in Gonzales, LA, Thibodaux, LA, Ferriday, LA, and Petal, MS.

There are a number of ways to manage vegetation: manual, mechanical, biological, cultural, and chemical CSSI Inc. uses a combination of these techniques. We offer Weed Control, Aquatics, Bush Hogging, Lawn and Tree Maintenance to manage vegetation with the most efficient, environmentally sound, and cost effective solution for addressing your vegetation management needs.

Chem Spray South, Inc. has the experience, equipment and qualified personnel to handle all of your right of way and grounds maintenance requirements.

Complete list of Vegetation Management Services:

Weed Control – Bare Ground, Bermuda Release, Growth Regulators, Invasive Weeds

Chem Spray South, Inc. is a Louisiana based company, which offers commercial application options for all types of terrain, from aquatic swamps and marshes, to industrial/commercial sites. We can control noxious weeds and other target weed species that may be causing a problem. CSSI Inc. is a professionally licensed company using the latest innovative equipment to complete the service in the most efficient manner.

We provide an innovative and environmentally responsible approach to weed control, which will increase the value and productivity of the land by eradicating noxious weeds, as well as, other problem weed species. We are continually replacing and updating our equipment to provide the highest quality herbicide application for our customers

Complete list of Weed Control Services:

• Bare Ground
• Bermuda Release – Selective Weed Control
• Growth Regulators
• Invasive Weed Control
• Aquatic Weed Control

Weed Control Sites:

• Industrial Sites – Chemical Plants, Refineries, Power Plants, Pipe Storage Facilities
• Commercial Properties - Parking Lots, Storage Yards
• Pipeline and Utility Right of Ways
• Oil Fields
• Tank farms
• Construction Sites
• Medians and Roadsides
• Drainage systems
• Retention Ponds
• Rail Yards

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Aquatics – Algae, Submerged, Emerged, Shoreline

Invasive aquatic plants are interfering with nature's ability to support a diversity of wetland habitats. They are interfering with recreational activities, commercial activities such as crawfishing, oil and gas activities, wildlife nesting, fish population and decrease the value of land. Having an improper balance of invasive plants interferes with and, in some cases, prevents the ability to enjoy and earn a living. Our services return the beauty and utility of your wetland habitat and CSSI Inc. guarantees it!

Chem Spray South, Inc. manages tough vegetation problems through an integrated five-part program that will manage problem invasive plants with minimal risk to the environment. Our management program makes water usable for commercial and recreation, while improving wildlife and fish populations. Commercial and recreational activities can be enjoyed without restrictions.

Our aquatic vegetation management program provides professionally staffed employees which will provide control of nuisance aquatic vegetation, using chemicals specifically registered for use in lakes and ponds. We continue to work closely with chemical manufacturers, university personnel, and others involved in the production, testing, and regulation of aquatic chemicals. Our personnel are trained, tested, and licensed to handle the specific chemicals used in our business. CSSI’s goal is to provide our clients with a program tailored to their specific desires and requirements. In order to assure our clients of the best programs available, we continue to test and evaluate new equipment and techniques every season. Through years of experience, we have developed specific maintenance programs which have proven to be effective by repeated experience under a variety of conditions.

Our program begins with a free estimate. We identify the nuisance vegetation, measure the body of water to be treated, select the proper product, assess any environmental factors and apply the product.

Chem Spray South, Inc. has the knowledge, experience, equipment and trained personnel to solve all aquatic vegetation problems and long-term maintenance programs provide control all season long.

• Golf Courses
• Apartments
• Residential
• Commercial/Industrial Sites
• Duck Leases
• Drainage Canals

Complete list of Aquatic Services:

• Floating Plant Control – Duckweed, Salvina, Water Hyacinth, Water Lily
• Submerged Plant Control – Hydrilla, Coontail, Naiad, Eurasian Watermilfoil
• Emergent Plant Control – Cattail, Water Primrose, Alligator Grass
• Algae Plant Control – Chara, Filamentous, Planktonic
• Mechanical Control
• Consulting Services

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Bush Hogging – Pipeline, Utility

CSSI Inc., bush hogging services are great for any personal, commercial, or government contract requiring bush hogging, site prep, land clearing, excavation, underbrush clearing, brush removal, tree removal, and stump grinding.

Our services are also beneficial in forest fire prevention, government land clearing, removing small trees, clearing overgrown lots, survey clearing, conservation clearing, environmental mulching, invasive growth management, storm clean-up, pre-storm site preparation, hurricane cleanup, mulching, fire breaks, survey lines, cutting forest fuels, cut invasive species, and clearing under story vegetation along the Gulf Coast Region.

We have extensive experience in multiple terrains and job conditions including abandoned vacant developed lots, active construction sites, power line right-of-ways, roads and right of ways, commercial developments, residential developments, retention pond clean ups, and retention pond grubbing and clearing.

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Lawn Maintenance

Our commercial lawn care and industrial landscape service customers range from banks and fast food restaurants, to office complexes and schools, to owners of multiple residential rental properties. No matter what type of property, our purpose is to provide you with a customized commercial landscape care program to keep your grounds healthy and welcoming. Our local lawn care experts leverage their knowledge of your specific area and environment to create a commercial lawn care program tailored to your needs.

To us, higher standards means that unlike other lawn care services, CSSI Inc., uses only premium-quality fertilizer blends for optimum health and growth. Higher standards means that CSSI Inc., takes the time to customize our lawn care services based on your region's unique growing conditions and climate, and provide all-season turf care from early spring to late fall.

Higher standards mean that we inspect your turf regularly for signs of disease and infestation, and that we provide total lawn care for grass as well as trees and shrubs. Most of all, higher standards at CSSI Inc. means we value our customers as the most important part of our business. Our lawn care services take the time to listen to you and your needs, and address the unique characteristics of your home and lawn.

Whether you need help growing grass in your yard or commercial lawn care services for your business grounds, CSSI Inc., offers yard services to suit a variety of needs. Specializing in preventative all-season programs, our lawn care services work hard to ensure the overall health of your trees, shrubs and grass.

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Tree Maintenance – Trimming, Removals, Fertilization, Pest Control, Mauget Injection System
Trimming and Removals

All trimming methods meet the standards and practices established by the American National Standards Institute's A300 – Tree Trimming Standard, the International Society of Arboriculture, the Tree Care Industry Association and the Arbor Day Foundation. Before any pruning begins and after arriving at your property, our tree contractor will announce themselves and then begin work. All trimming work we do along power lines is done by directional pruning techniques that result in limbs being cut back to another existing branch, crotch or trunk. This approach tends to guide new growth away from power lines while taking advantage of the natural ability of trees to heal-over pruning cuts made at those locations.

CSSI Inc. understands the many benefits of trees to our environment and their contribution to the quality of life in the communities we serve. We will only completely remove trees when it is prudent or necessary to do so. Trees are cut down only with the consent of the land owner and only after they have been identified as being a high or immediate risk to safety or reliable electric service.

We use Only Trained Professionals when Performing Tree Work.

CSSI Inc. uses only nationally recognized, insured, and properly certified contractors to perform tree work along our power lines. CSSI Inc. tree crews work year-round to provide you with safe and reliable service with the least amount of inconvenience to you. CSSI Inc. requires that contractor employees receive extensive and on-going training in proper pruning techniques, quality customer service principles and worker safety.


When the job is done, tree crews will chip and haul away smaller trimmings and do a general clean-up of the work area. Larger limbs that have value as firewood will be cut into manageable lengths and left at the base of the tree for your use unless other arrangements have been made. The resulting wood will be handled per your written agreement.


All trees need revitalization through feeding. Trees and shrubs absorb needed nutrients and water through their roots. Standard fertilizers you may spread on the ground often don't reach the tree's roots. Liquid fertilizer, on the other hand, is injected below the ground into the root zone or injected directly into the root itself. This gives the tree valuable nutrients that can be used immediately.

Pest Control

We are extremely proud to offer our complete commercial, industrial Pest Control service. Our licensed and certified team provides full-service commercial pest control services for the Gulf Coast Region. Using only environmentally safe materials, the company specializes in ridding your property of pests for good. CSSI Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality service. We guarantee your satisfaction and encourage customer involvement and education for superior results.

General Pest Control - Whether you are experiencing a severe infestation, or just desire routine maintenance, we are here to help! We offer monthly, quarterly or one-time treatments for the control of general insects such as bees, fleas, spiders, rodents, crickets, roaches and ants.

Wood Destroying Insects - Did you know that there are many insects that cause damage? While most people think of termites as the culprit, powder post beetles, wood borers, carpenter bees and carpenter ants, can cause costly damage, too. We offer wood destroying insect inspections for real estate transactions, and also for the responsible owner who wants to protect their investment. We work closely with the customer to determine the best course of treatment when an infestation is noted.

Tree and Shrub Spraying - This program consists of treatments during the growing season. Routine inspections and treatments will help to control the presence of scale, aphids, lacebugs, spider mites, bagworms, webworms, and other destructive insects. By knowing what insects are prevalent during certain times and weather conditions, we can stay ahead of the insect populations.

Mauget Injection System

Fertilizer, insecticide or fungicide is injected directly into the tree where the roots meet the trunk. 100% of the chemical goes where it's needed...inside the tree.

This is a truly leak proof, completely closed system with a hermetically sealed capsule, a simple two piece system engineered to provide consistent safe performance for many years to follow.

Injection is effective on a variety of tree pests and fungal diseases. Beetles (including elm leaf, Japanese, and Asiatic garden) lace bugs, weevils, thrips, aphids, borers, and many other pests can be controlled by tree injection. As with many other pest control methods, injections are more effective as a preventative measure than they are at wiping out existing infestations.

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Whatever your requirements, our staff of highly qualified technicians, trained in the use of specialized equipment, materials and application procedures, will design and implement an effective vegetation management program. For a free consultation and cost estimate, click here.