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Field Services

Chem Spray South, Inc. has the experience to provide Oil Field and General Roustabout Services, Oil Field Pipe Connections, Production Oriented Well Maintenance, Sand Blasting and Painting Tanks and Pipe, as well as, Digs and running Pigs and Pig runs.

CSSI Inc. has the experience to install New Well Hookups and also perform maintenance on Old locations as necessary as well as installing Gas Lift Systems.

Our experienced staff is capable of handling any Production Hookup or Maintenance task no matter how large or small.

Complete list of Field Services:

Roustabout Services - Permanent/Temporary Fencing, Road Sweeping, Production Tank Setup, etc.

Our roustabouts here at CSSI Inc., build and maintain oil and gas locations. Haul equipment and parts to the field. They replace pipe, fittings and valves to keep the locations up and running. In addition, our crews are capable of providing excavation and subsurface pipe installation. Our roustabouts have the training and skills needed to get the job done professionally and safely.

Complete list of Roustabout Services:

• Permanent & Temporary Fencing
• Road Grading Services
• Limestone & Dirt
• Production Tank Setup
• Pit & Environmental Barrier Excavation
• Well Site Clean-up
• Pumping Unit Installation
• New Well Hookups
• Well Site Maintenance
• Pipe Connections
• Plug & Abandonment

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Pipe Connections - National Pipe Taper, National Pipe Straight

CSSI Inc. offers an array of pipe connection services. Our crews are highly trained to also provide New Connections, Well Site Maintenance and Plug and Abandonment.

There are two basic types of National pipe threads:

• NPS: National Pipe Straight
• NPT: National Pipe Taper

NPT threads are also sometimes referred to as

• MIP (Male Iron Pipe)
• FIP (Female Iron Pipe)
• IPT (Iron Pipe Thread)br /> • FPT (Female Pipe Thread)
• MPT (Male Pipe Thread)

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Digs and Pipeline Pig Runs

Pipelines must be periodically maintained to retain the pipe's structural integrity. Pipelines transport many key resources, such as natural gas or oil. Over time, a pipeline may become coated in excess debris from the movement of a resource. Industrial pigs, under specific safety parameters, are brought in to clean pipelines. Industrial pigs are mechanical devices, resembling rockets, placed within the body of a pipeline to analyze and clean the interior pipe length. These devices are propelled through a duct or pipeline to clear impediments or check for faults and leaks. CSSI Inc. offers the service of digging to lay these lines as well.

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Whatever your requirements, our staff of highly qualified technicians, trained in the use of specialized equipment, materials and application procedures, will design and implement an effective vegetation management program. For a free consultation and cost estimate, click here.