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Construction Services

Chem Spray South, Inc. offers a wide variety of Construction Services from Terracing to specialized Airboats equipped with patented attachments, as well as Drainage and Erosion Control.

Our skilled staff has performed Terracing which has proven to reduce land sloping and enable water to be stored temporarily on slopes to allow sediment deposition and water infiltration. Our Airboats, equipped with patented attachments, are able to travel on terrain whereas; most heavy equipment is not transportable.

CSSI Inc. has the experience to control and maintain your Drainage and Erosion problems. Our staff carefully considers the slope, drainage patterns and soil types prior to performing any work for a project. We take special precaution to preserve existing vegetation and limit grading and plant removal to the areas under construction.

Complete list of Construction Services:

Terracing - Bench, Contour, Parallel

Terracing is constructing bench-like channels, otherwise known as terraces, which enables water to be stored temporarily on slopes to allow sediment deposition and water infiltration.

There are three types of terraces:

Bench terraces reduce land slope and allow run-off from the upper side of the terrace to go into a lower portion where it spreads out and infiltrates. This BMP is most often brought to mind when the word terrace is used, and is employed most often in various regions around the world.

Contour terraces have point rows and grassed waterway outlets that follow the lay of the land. These BMPs are so named because they are constructed parallel to each other, and where possible, in the direction of field operations.

Parallel terraces eliminate the production losses associated with point rows and minimize the interference to farming operations when spaced at multiple widths of planting and harvesting equipment.

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Sand Blasting and Painting

CSSI Inc. is the industry leader in surface cleaning, preparation and the application of protective coatings. With multiple industry certifications, including DOT, and a best-in-class safety record, CSSI Inc. provides a diverse suite of services to address virtually any surface treatment and protection challenge. From surface treatment and coating in the harshest operating environments to ensuring the safety of your workforce against a fire disaster, CSSI Inc. Sand Blasting and Painting Services is the company of choice for industries far and wide.

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Airboats - Specialty Attachments

CSSI, Inc. has 4 specialty attachments that are interchangeable on our airboats. The crane is a patented attachment to provide CSSI, Inc. services. Our airboats are capable of hauling the supplies for the job at hand.

Auger – This attachment is used to bore holes in most any type of soil. This attachment allows our trained professionals the ability to dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy.

Digging – Using this Powerful digging and backfilling attachment makes the work quick in tough conditions.

Man lift – Up to 60 ft. – This attachment allows for overhead work up to 60 ft. high.

Crane – This attachment can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It is mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places. It creates a mechanical advantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of man. Our Cranes are commonly employed in the transport industry for the loading and unloading heavy materials and for the movement of heavy materials.

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Drainage Control

Managing drainage water in Gulf Coast Region is the the next great step forward in reducing erosion with benefits that reach from conserving subsoil moisture on individual tile-drained fields to reducing nutrient loading all the way down in the Gulf of Mexico. Control structures allow the water flow without the fear of destruction to land. From minor road side ditch culvert challenges to major drainage basin improvement strategies, CSSI Inc., has designed and implemented drainage plans and improvements that are tailored to meet the financial capabilities of our clients. CSSI Inc., engineers plan work in a phased, financially “doable” approach that efficiently and effectively solves drainage and flooding control problems one project at a time.

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Erosion Control

CSSI Inc., erosion controls include blankets, mats, and sediment control devices. Materials used for erosion controls are straw, straw & coconut blending, aspen wood fiber, recycled polypropylene fibers, silk fencing, sub-mats & hydraulic wood fiber mulch. Applications of erosion controls include utility transmission, golf course construction, residential development, slope stabilization, commercial development, landfill, & highway construction, & urban drainage. The practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development and construction is an ongoing battle in the Gulf Coast Region. This sometimes involves the creation of a physical barrier, such as vegetation or rock, to absorb some of the energy of the wind or water that is causing the erosion. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution and soil loss. Erosion control may arise in natural areas, agricultural settings or urban environments, the latter of which is often characterized as storm water runoff driven.

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Whatever your requirements, our staff of highly qualified technicians, trained in the use of specialized equipment, materials and application procedures, will design and implement an effective vegetation management program. For a free consultation and cost estimate, click here.